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Animals & Pet Portraits

I welcome commissions for animals! Animals hold a special place in my heart and I bring this love to each portrait. That being said, I feel I am equally gifted and bring a special light to human portraits, landscapes, coastal landscapes, still life, architecture and nature in it's many forms.


Please do not hesitate to inquire about special requests. I will do my best to bring your wishes to life on canvas and I look forward to working with you.

Also, I require a clear photograph with a strong light source with high contrast(lights and darks/shadows), with no red eyes or glare eyes.


Step 1

Find your favorite photo of your beloved fury friend!     


Step 2 

I will sketch out your animal.  


Step 3 

I will add more detail... 


Step 4

... and more detail... 


Step 5 

... and more detail... 


Final product

Final product! 

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